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Veil of Virtue: Adamantina Saga, #1

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'Imagine an enormous cloak of invisibility that's been pulled over this land, concealing us from the sight of the outsiders as well as covering our sight from the world outside our own. Veil of Virtue we call it. We are born inside this Veil, and we die in it, never knowing its beyond. Our world is hidden from you and yours is unknown to us. We are not allowed to step out, and those from the other side are not allowed to step in. The Veil cannot be crossed.' 

'And yet, here I am,' Richard challenged the healer. 

'Indeed, you are. But not of your own will. You are brought here to serve a purpose, as I am here to serve mine.' 

Richard Brooke, the young owner of a successful publishing house in 1925 London, embarks on a journey towards America, but an unexpected turn of events lands him in a different destination. Trapped within the confines of an unbreachable Veil, in a land where all he has known as myth is deemed as an unquestionable reality, Richard resorts to anything that may help him find a way out. But he soon discovers that the Veil is only one of the obstacles stacked in his way.

Adamantina Saga series tells the tale of a once blessed land that is now wallowing in the shadow of a dark curse disguised and trumpeted as a blessing. Spiced with mystery, suspense, and heart-breaking romance, this epic historical fantasy will walk you through the deepest and darkest secrets the realm has kept buried for aeons behind a Veil of virtue. Welcome to ADAMANTINA.

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