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The Praying Wife: O’ Lord, Give Me The Heart, Love, Total Devotion & Attention Of My Husband - 46 Prayers Points To Maintain Your Husbands Love & Total Devotion To You

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Many female folks all around the world are desperate for the love, care and devotion of their husband. They are daily scared as they see their husband drifting away from them; their relationship with their husband lacks the spark it used to have – things are no longer the way they used to be; they are not enjoying their husband any longer – many are just enduring – almost passing out. Everyday has become a struggle with a man that once made them feel like a queen.

Women in varying levels of marriage often have fears that border on one or more of the following traits about their husband:

He is no longer loving and caring as he was from the beginning

He behaves as if he doesn't find her attractive any longer.

He gets angry at any little thing she does that he deems as error.

Nothing she does pleases him

He doesn't spend much time with her as he used to or as she would have him do

They quarrel and fight often and everyday is like a living hell at home

He seems to be paying more attention to other people

She doesn't know what to expect from him any time of the day.

Or she suspect that he might be having an affair or may fall into that temptation soon

…. And the list goes on.

No woman wants or desires to feel unloved, and as a result many have resulted to seeking fetish solutions from the dark side. Some call it "Love Charm", others call it "spiritual remote control". With these evil powers, they are helped by demonic entities in turning their husband's into puppets – spell bound under evil powers. But it ought not to be so. You can gain the complete love, devotion and attention of your husband through praying the word of God.

You can change the state of your husband's heart – his feelings and character towards you through prayers.

Many people don't know this, but the word of God is filled with "Scripture Tools", you can deploy and use in prayer to win back the heart and love of your husband and make him committed, faithful and devoted to you.

This is why I have written this simple prayer guide – to help you on your way to wining and maintaining the complete love, care, heart, devotion, faithfulness and attention of your husband. You don't need love or spiritual demonic remote control charms that will destroy both you and your husband at the end. You need the clean and divine way – the God way to getting this done without putting anyone's life in danger and all these are contained in this book.

In this prayer guide you will find 46 tested and proven Scripture based prayers points drawn from various verses of the bible that you can pray to get effective results in winning the heart and devotion of your husband.

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