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There once was a time when even people who graduated in prestigious colleges or universities could not find a job that paid the bills. Students nowadays finish their degree with a sum of debt large enough to fill a Brinks truck, yet they end up as a barista at Starbucks or along the lines of the service industry. Should you somehow find yourself in the same fateful circumstance, this summary of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans' Designing Your Life: How to Build a Joyful, Well-lived Life will teach you new strategies which you can then utilize to produce those innovative ideas that are guaranteed to make your life better.

Fresh graduates, as well as people still indecisive about their careers, could be helped by this summary. There is also a process in this summary that demonstrates how those stuck in the same place eventually come upon new concepts and hence make significant progress. Establishing new beliefs compels us to take a step further and build the life we have dreamed.

The said process begins by again linking our mind to our feelings, gut instinct, and other spiritual and physical senses. This harmony within one's self will enable us to look for the most fitting career for us. Now that we have an idea of the work most suitable for us, we can test them out in real life. Moreover, keeping in touch with the people who work the jobs we want to try, we are able to gather enough information regarding a venture without putting too much time in trying to achieve a goal that may not be meant for us.

Most people find comfort in the belief that working hard and being good at something will eventually make them happy. In fact, only a third of working American citizens have stated that they feel some degree of happiness with their work. Fifteen percent, however, have admitted that they dislike their work. If only they went the extra mile and planned a life that aligns with what suits them, they will most likely feel more content with their careers.

Success at work and fulfillment of responsibilities—although they may warrant honor and draw admiration—could never guarantee happiness.

For most people aged forty or more, settling for another career could give contentment in later life. It is up to you and you alone to take the courage and pursue another career. Most people, however, do not know how to manage such transition. The others who do may be scared to try, thinking either it is too late or they are too old to make that leap. Designing your life begins in making the choice to jump. Stop thinking that it is too late, and start believing that now is the perfect time. Design your life according