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Consciousness in the Cell

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In the 19th century, when the theory of evolution was put forward, the level of science and technology was rather primitive. This led the theory’s supporters to maintain that living organisms had a fundamentally simple structure. for example, Ernst Haeckel, Darwin’s greatest supporter, believed that a cell was a "simple little lump of albuminous combination of carbon," not much different from a piece of microscopic jello. Authors of the theory believed that because life was made up of very simple structures, it could come about by itself, randomly. but they were wrong, of course...
During the past 150 years, both science and technology have made enormous strides. Scientists have discovered the real structure of what Haeckel described as being a “simple little lump.” They have been amazed to see that the cell is not remotely as simple as was once believed, but contains a number of unimaginably complex systems that could never have been conceived of, much less understood, in Darwin’s day.
This book introduces the miracles of creation in the living cell—a miniature masterpiece. You will see how the organelles inside the cell, together with the enzymes, proteins and other substances that it produces, perform purposeful functions that could never be expected of them. You will read examples of the literally trillions of cells to be found in the human body, each of which displays superhuman intelligence and wisdom. Once again, you will witness how all of this cannot be an unconscious coincidence, but is a product of God’s superior power, wisdom and artistry.

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