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Suddenly Famous - Jamie Campbell

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Chapter 1

If there was one place on earth that would test a person’s ability to see themselves as a normal human being, it was in Room 2B of the Globe Hotel.

Beautiful people that were as tall as Amazonian warriors milled around me. Their long, luxurious hair hung down their backs, their six inch heels clicked on the same floor that I found slippery. If I was wearing those toe-destroying heels, I would have fallen down hours ago.

Their designer clothes were pretty sparse, only covering what they really needed to. Perfect skin, perfect curves, not an inch of fat on them.

A part of me really hated them.

Everyone surveyed each other like they were the enemy, shooting judgmental glares at anyone that fell into their line of sight. Yep, I was definitely in the wrong place.

But we weren’t in the conference room for me. I was a tagalong, there to keep my best friend, Cleo, company. She insisted she couldn’t audition for Next Mega Model without a cheer squad.

And I was that squad.

Cleo fit in perfectly with the other freaks of nature. She was tall, slim, and her amber hair fell right to her waist without even the slightest hint of a curl or wave. She was made for clothes, a designer’s dream.

Me, on the other hand, well. My eighth grade boyfriend called me fun size, as in those little chocolate bars that were tiny. I punched him on the arm for that comment. Mainly because it was true.

I was short, only 5’2" which seemed midget-sized compared to my present company. I had to look up just to see their faces (which were dazzling and perfect, of course). My hair was curly, a dirty blond that was neither dark nor light. It was unruly on its best day.

Oooh, I’m up, Cleo said, standing. Wish me luck.

I stood with her, giving her a quick hug. You don’t need luck. You’re going to kill it. I’ll see you afterwards.

She gave me a nervous smile before following the line of girls into the next room. She had made it through three rounds of eliminations so far which meant she got to see the real judges in front of the television cameras now.

She was going to kill it.

Cleo was a born performer. She would dazzle the judges, the camera would love her, and she’d walk out of there with the golden ticket everyone would fight to the death over.

Well, almost, anyway. Maybe not to the death. This wasn’t the Hunger Games.

It was going to be a while until they returned so I took the opportunity to get some food. A modelling competition wasn’t exactly catered but there had to be some food around somewhere.

The hotel was a bust. I wandered outside and down the street. It took two blocks before I found a small courtyard of takeaway food places. I lined up for a burger, both guilty and smug that I was eating the greasy food after spending all morning with model wannabes.

I took my tray to a table and didn’t hesitate to get started. If I had to give up greasy burgers, I wouldn’t want to be a model. Even if I was ten feet tall and so beautiful people wanted to cry just looking at me.

I didn’t need that kind of hassle.

About halfway through the delicious meal, I noticed a guy staring at me from across the courtyard. He was probably in his late twenties or early thirties, if I had to guess. He was wearing a polo shirt with the top few buttons undone. He didn’t exactly look like a creeper but he was certainly staring at me like one.

I tried to ignore him, turning around so he could only see my back and my eyeballs couldn’t fall on him. But somehow that only made it worse, like he could sneak up on me now.

I finished the burger in a hurry, probably