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November - Il'ya Milyukov

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People’s Unity Day

I inhaled deeply once more, decided that I had, finally, taken my breath and raised my head above the block cautiously. The road was like the same: the same asphalt, the same concrete fence, the same parapet on the sidewalk. My heart was still pounding, my ears were dinning not much less, and I breathed the air in my chest one more time. The smells were some summer ones – of gas, of kerosene, of rot, of dampness, and the smoke smell was the strongest. I turned my head to the left and looked at the twelve-storey roof. Rather, there was no roof properly with a few upper floors already – apparently, a high-explosive one hit right this exact place, and instead of the roof with the floors a heap of bricks, shining with the numerous black holes, was now cresting the top part of at one time roomy multi-entrance building. That’s just some astronomer’s dream. A thick column of a black smoke was directed from the former roof of a former twelve-storey up straight, and nothing was swaying it. I turned back and have heard the convoy at once.

It was making so much noise, that it was heard, probably, with a kilometer distance. Caterpillars chunking on the asphalt and engines blare were merging into an incredible, terrifying uproar. I squeezed my launcher stronger and looked the guys over. Vova, who was sitting on my right, seized his RPG too and, as it seemed, he was staring straight before one. It was seen with the naked eye, that he’s cold, tired and jittering generally speaking. On my left there was a big uncle about forty, I hadn’t memorized whose name yet, although I heard it in passing all the time for the last few days. That one, apparently, wasn’t jittering at all on the contrary, even despite that he was looking at Vova and me carefully.

The convoy stopped, judging by the changed noising sound, apparently, the head vehicle reached our barricade. Well, I’m not hurrying anywhere; I can wait a little still. Although my legs are beginning to freeze slightly already. Okay, let’s try to see the others, while our enemy has a smoko or what he has. I turned my neck over to the left with might and main, but the uncle obstructed all the free space with his immense figure, so I saw only a grey block surface and his jacket, no matter how hard I was trying and