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Dead Beckoning

Length: 203 pages3 hours


Meradinis! The stuff of myths and legends! The Turtle Island of the stars – home planet to the fearsome Corsairs – the terrors of the black, the monsters in Human form who killed innocents and waged a campaign of terror against the colonies for nearly a century! Then the day came when the Corsairs luck finally ran out...

The Battle of Turtle Island darkened the skies with the dead. After nearly two days of fierce fighting, the Terrans finally had their venomous, defeated foe cornered in its own den. In orbit, where the battle was fought, the remnants of the once feared predatory Black Fleet drifted, blazing, while the Corsair civilization below breathed its last.

But not all the great Corsairs of legend had been captured. Some – including one Sona Kilroy – the most dangerous of them all – had slipped the Terran’s net, and threatened to rebuild the Corsair menace. It was up to Mykl d’Angelo, captain of the Antares, and a mystery-man called Adam, to stop him.

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