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Told in the style of a folk tale, this is a story about a fictional African country
called Sundu!, which for thousands of years had existed in an idyllic way.
The coming of some foreigners from another civilization changed
their way of life forever.

After being allowed into Sundu! because of seemingly good intentions, the
foreigners eventually took over the land and exploited it for its natural resources
and turned the owners of the land into second class citizens. After a long
struggle, the owners of the land, the Sundians, managed to get together and got
rid of the invaders. The new Sundian rulers initially ruled very well but later got
entangled in greed and lust for power. Eventually, these too were ejected by the
citizens, but only for the new rulers to start off well, then later also get ensnared
in the same greed and lust for power.

The Sundians once again overcame these rulers, with the help of their long held
traditional beliefs and customs.

The moral of the story is that a society under subjugation can overcome their
subjugators. A group of tyrants or one man, no matter how much he huffs
and puffs, is not stronger than the whole society he lives in, and that working
together, people can always overcome their difficulties.

This is a warning to dictators and would be dictators the world over.

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