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Ruben Leigh ( Book 1 ) The King's Knights

Length: 143 pages2 hours


Ruben Leigh is summoned to Carrack City and soon discovers there is more behind King Casimir's reign of fear. A chance encounter or planned deception brings the famed healer to Sir Demo, a retired knight, with a son possessed by a ghost, and a discovery, the knight's maid is Susan, the girl who long ago captured Ruben Leigh's heart. It is for Susan, the famed healer embarks on a quest to find Babb, Susan's missing sister.

Meanwhile, in the Northwest Pine's, at Longcross Castle, Thistle, the Queen Consort of Longcross has a daughter, Princess Alice has fallen prey to a ghost. The king's knights are dispatched on a quest to find Ruben Leigh, but for the famed healer, Thistle has other plans. She is a powerful enchantress, a creature of hate, war and magic, to enslave the great healer is to gain her humanity.

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