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Deadly Dreams - Lacey Carter Andersen

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Chapter One

Erin set down her glass of hard cider on the coffee table, steeling herself as she shifted on her couch to face Teak. The security officer flashed her an overly confident smile, his beefy face stretching tight. He isn’t that bad. A little forceful and not that imaginative, but he’ll do.

"So, tomorrow you’re heading to The Odyssey." His words were slow and lazy as he stretched one arm behind her.

She wiped her sweaty palms on her shorts. It wasn’t like her to feel so nervous. But, she knew, it was her damned heart’s fault. It was telling her that this man wasn’t Caleb, while her head was screaming that two years was more than enough time to get over him.

Say something! Her brain commanded.

Yeah, I hope it will be half as fun as being a commander—

It’s not like being a lieutenant commander is slumming it with us regular crew members or anything, he interrupted, grinning. "It’s a step down for sure, but I’d scrub the floors if I got to join the crew on The Odyssey."

She looked away. Why is this so awkward? Just act normal! Uh, yeah. Even though it’s a lower position, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

He took another long drink. I wish my dad was the Fleet Admiral. Not that I’m saying it’s your name that got the job for you. But, you know, it probably didn’t hurt.

Ass! She unclenched her hands, willing her temper to stay in check. All he is a warm body. A tool to help you move on from Caleb. Stay focused.

Stalling for time, she picked up her glass of warm Paradon Cider and took a long draw. The spices danced along her tongue, heating her entire body. Her limbs felt a little less tense. Relax. You can do this.

I’m excited, that’s for sure.

He leaned closer, his breath warm against her face. It might be the drink talking, but I can’t take my eyes off your breasts.

She glanced down at the loose fabric of her blouse, the same green as her eyes. It was a little girly compared to what she usually wore, but she’d chosen it for a reason. If you’re finally going to sleep with him, why pretend?

You’re not so bad yourself. She forced herself to reach out and run a hand gently along the muscles of his stomach.

He’s muscular, but not like Caleb. My Keltair was pure muscle. Perfection.

But this guy exists somewhere other than your dreams. You can’t live in a fantasy forever.

Erin, if you keep that up, I’m not going to be able to control myself. He groaned, chugging his drink and smacking it loudly on the table.

Her hand froze. She took a deep breath. This is what she wanted. Right?

Very purposely, she locked gazes with him. Maybe that’s exactly what I want.

He stared. Really?

Deep breath. You’re going to go crazy if you don’t move on from Caleb.


He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were wet against her own.

She waited for the tingle of attraction, of enjoyment, but nothing came.

Trying to take a breath, his tongue was suddenly jabbing into her mouth. She stopped herself from pulling back in disgust. This guy doesn’t matter, what matters is that you finally let Caleb go. And the best way to get over a guy is to get under one.

Yet, she pulled away from his kiss. Maybe if I just take this slower. Even though I’m leaving tomorrow, I can get to know him a little better. Calm my nerves a bit. So, uh, what do you like to do for fun?

You, he winked.

Internally, she groaned.

But then, he started talking about his workout routine. Twenty-two minutes later, she finally had to accept that she was on yet another horrible date that was not going to go anywhere. As much as she wanted to just have sex with this guy and feel like she’d done something to move forward with her romantic life, she couldn’t.

It’s one thing to sleep with a mildly attractive guy to get back out there, but this... it screams ‘wrong’ to my core.


Yeah, baby.

She took a deep breath. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

Desperation filled his gaze. But, baby, I’ve wanted you since the first time I set eyes on you. Can’t we just give this a shot? I’m awesome in bed. I mean, really awesome.

And you’re humble too...

She shook her head. I’m really sorry, but I thought I was over my ex, but I’m just not.

But don’t you want one fun night before starting your new position?

That’s exactly what I wanted, but this isn’t it. Sorry, no.

His heated gaze ran over her from head-to-toe. Too bad.

She stood and walked to her door, then stared back at him, waiting. Good night.

He rose slowly and headed for the door. Well, give me a call if you ever get lonely on that big ship.

Not a chance. Goodbye, Teak.

The doors slid shut on him.

Maybe this is why I live in a fantasy world. A fantasy of Caleb is still ten times better than other men in real life.

Her gaze went to her bed. I’m going to sleep. I’m going to dream of normal things.

But when she crossed the room and slipped beneath the covers, she was already growing wet. This is wrong. Don’t think of him.

She tried not to, even while her fingers slid down to touch herself. But as she fell into a deep sleep, all she could think of was the sexy Keltair male who’d broken her heart.

THE PARTIALLY TRANSLUCENT bubble that surrounded Caleb’s dream shimmered. It was golden today.

Erin inched toward it. You agreed not to go back. What are you doing?

I tried to stay away, she argued with herself.

You can still walk away now.

But she didn’t. She strode forward and entered the dream.

It was an unfamiliar one. A beach with maroon sand and purple waters stretched out before her. The sky overhead was a soft gray, rain clouds blocking out some of the sunlight, casting the day in cool shadows.

On the beach, partway in the waters, Caleb lay. One arm was behind his head, the other covered his eyes. She moved closer. His golden body was naked and exposed to her greedy gaze. The purple waves swept over his lower half, teasing the cock that she wanted so desperately to touch.

The sand beneath her feet was warm from the sun, until her toes curled into the damp, solidness of the sand near the naked Keltair. Kneeling down beside him, she ran a hand slowly up his inner thigh.

I wondered when you’d arrive. His deep voice, slightly accented by an Irish twang, warmed her insides.

Remember, be the Erin he knew in the academy, or he might suspect something.

She watched as his manhood rose, and she felt heat pooling at her core as she curled her hand around him.

I missed you last night.

He missed me? This wasn’t supposed to involve their emotions, just their bodies. If he got too attached, she’d have to figure out a way to stop visiting his dreams.

She briefly thought of leaving.

But then his cock grew harder in her hand. That feels... oh gods, so good...

All rational thought fled at the need in his voice. Her inner muscles tightened as she gazed at the sheen of wetness on his mushroom shaped head.

I’ve been waiting to taste you all day.

Climbing on top of him, she wrapped her lips around him, glorying in the sweet and familiar taste. Her mouth stretched to accommodate his thickness, and slowly she took him deeper, fighting the instinct to gag.

He groaned and, as the waves rushed over her, she felt her blood racing faster through her veins. Using her hands, she cupped his balls as she drew him in and out. Closing her eyes, she gloried in the feeling of power that touching him brought.

Enough! he shouted, his voice filled with desire.

Looking up at him, her gaze met his. Inch by inch she released him, while his gaze darkened.

Come here! he ordered.

Leaning on her hands, she dragged her naked breasts up his body.

He reached down and cupped her breasts, slipping his cock between them.

She gasped as his fingers teased her nipples. Moving back and forth, she slid his manhood between the valley of her breasts. He arched into her, squeezing her nipples harder. A shot of pleasure tinged with pain raced through her blood, and she felt her core growing hotter and wetter.

Suddenly, he sat up, grasping her ass and pulling her up to straddle him. His cock brushed the outside of her core and she cried out, longing to have him inside her. Instead, his mouth descended on her lips. He pressed against her, and she parted her lips, eager to feel his magical tongue.

He obliged, his hot tongue sweeping into her mouth.

Then, his lips left her mouth, sucking one of the hardened pearls of her nipples softly. His mouth opened wider, taking more of her breast. She rocked against his cock, wanting him inside her more than she wanted her next breath.

His manhood slowly slid inside her. Pleasure sparked from her core. Shivers racked her body. She dug her nails into his back, crying out his name as he filled her completely.

Her heartbeat filled her ears. Her back arched, and his seeking lips closed around her other breast.

She moaned, shifting her hips.

He growled against her breast, licked her nipple, and leaned back. I’m going to take you now. And you’re going to scream my name as you come.

They moved as one, faster and faster. The torturous friction between them had every muscle in her body clenching around him as she built toward her climax. And then all at once, she came, shouting his name just as he’d commanded. Her vision went from black to white. Her body spasmed.

And then he came. His hot seed shooting into her. The sound of her own name on his lips sent her over the edge again.

When she came back to herself, she was lying on top of him on the beach, the warm waves washing over the lower halves of their bodies. He held her loosely. She rested her head on his chest.

This was perfect. This man and this moment.

Except that as much as you love him, he still feels nothing for you.

I should go, she whispered.

He kissed the top of her head. Just a little longer.

And so, even though all logic told her to step out of the dream, she stayed. Knowing it was wrong, but also not being strong enough to walk away.

Chapter Two

Caleb woke with his boxers wet and sticking to his cock. Again? He ran a frustrated hand through his too-long hair and sat up. He’d dreamed of Erin, just like he did nearly every night. He wanted to forget her. But he could imagine her every time he closed his eyes, long black hair, shockingly green eyes, large, full breasts, and a tiny waist.

He groaned. Wasn’t it enough that he came in his sleep thinking of her? Did he have to obsess about her in his waking hours, too?

You need to bury yourself in a woman.

He knew he should. But he just couldn’t. As much as he hated himself for it, he hadn’t lain with another woman since Erin. He’d tried. But no matter how drunk he got, no woman was Erin.

Because you were reckless. You made her your mate and left after the connection was too strong. There will be no other woman but her for the remainder of your life.

No, you left in time! The connection simply hasn’t faded entirely yet.

Angrily, he climbed out of bed and stripped off his clothes, throwing them in one corner of his spacious room. Then, he froze, staring at the slight mess he’d made in the otherwise neat room. His gaze swept the space. He was a commander now. Second in command on the newest, most advanced starship in Earth’s fleet. He must step lightly. He must not give the captain a reason to regret giving such an opportunity to a half Keltair.

Picking up his clothes, he opened a drawer and hit the button to have them cleaned. A messy room is hardly a reason to toss you out in disgrace. He frowned at the thought. Of course that was true, but still...he glanced from the lush bed, small seating area and even smaller kitchen that made up the large space, and finally to the office area. Everything was in its place. This was how the crew would expect a commander to keep his room.

He took a quick shower and threw on the deep green uniform of The Odyssey’s crew. He strode out of his room, nearly crashing into Hunter.

The other Keltair stood up straighter, shifting into an attention stance. Commander.

Caleb felt his lips turn up. Head Security Officer Hunter.

Hunter was one of the few people aboard the ship who matched him in height. However, although he was also half human, he looked far more like a Keltair than Caleb. His golden-toned skin was several shades darker than Caleb’s, and his eyes were like polished silver. He kept his long, black hair tied into a warrior tail.

The humans aboard the ship instinctively drew back from the man, even though he lacked the twin horns typical of a Keltair. And even though he’d graduated from the same Starflight Academy as Caleb, he would’ve had little chance at gaining a position on a ship if not for Caleb’s help. Even though the Earth academy was far more accepting of Keltairs than the Turongan academy had been.

I imagine we’ll have another relaxing day, Caleb said, unable to hold back the sarcasm that laced his words.

To his surprise, the normally stoic Keltair looked as if he might smile. Almost. Your agenda for today is lengthy. To put it mildly.

So, what’s first? Caleb asked, as they headed down the hallway containing the officers’ quarters.

First, the transporter room.

Caleb held back a sigh. What important diplomat or government official do we have to suck up—I mean, greet, now.

Hunter did smile then, flashing his sharpened canines. Just your new third in command.

A rush of relief ran over him. Good. I hope he’s capable. We could certainly use the help.

And as much as he hated it, he could. Working on a couple of hours of sleep each night was manageable, but he was getting tired of painting on a smile and greeting one important person after another. Especially when, for some reason, they shrank back when he smiled at them. So many people wanted to be a part of The Odyssey’s maiden voyage, but Caleb didn’t exactly excel in the art of small talk and flattery.

He cringed just thinking about how he’d desperately tried to find a topic of conversation and had congratulated an ambassador on her pregnancy...only to discover that she was not, in fact, pregnant. That was an awkward day.

We’ll quickly get him up-to-date and then give him all the public relations jobs.

Hunter looked down at his vid screen and started typing. She.

Caleb raised a brow. "She what?"

We’ll catch her up to date. The lieutenant commander is a woman.

He paused, mid step. A female officer ranking this highly is almost as shocking as a Keltair ranking so highly. There are only a few females it could be.

Erin. His mind went to her unwillingly. No, she would never let herself be put on a ship under my command. Well, whoever it is, I imagine we’ll get along just fine.

Even better. I don’t need a male trying to compete with me for the greater tasks. She’ll be like a well-trained assistant. No doubt, she’ll excel in all the things necessary to keep all our important guests happy.

Hunter nodded. Although you’ll need to be prepared for some female hysterics.

Caleb held back a chuckle. Most Keltairs didn’t see females exactly as equals. Caleb was considered quite progressive in that regards. But, he’d still discovered that females acted quite subservient around him since becoming a commanding officer. Most simply blushed and stared at their shoes whenever he was around. Which might be the perfect situation for my third in command.

They are the weaker sex, after all, Hunter continued, bringing Caleb back to the conversation.

He held back a grin. My friend, I think you’ll have to work on your delivery.

The other Keltair raised one dark brow before hitting the button on the elevator. My delivery?

You can be a bit direct. Ah... is she human?

Hunter looked back at his screen. Yes, a human female.

"Then, heed my advice, human women can be sensitive creatures. She won’t respond well to your directness. You’ll need to work on softening