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Discovering the Power of Your Identity: Replacing the Fig Leaf

Length: 237 pages2 hours


Are you missing the true meaning of life? Disoriented and discontented about the direction of your life? Have you ever wondered about the big questions of existence?  Discovering the power of your identity, combines creation, history, sciences, and philosophy in a masterful way, to answer life’s pressing questions. By combining your faith and the knowledge of your identity found in this book you can add value to your life by re-inventing and re-positioning yourself. 
With a fresh perspective and a comprehensive approach, you will find up-to-date information on the concept of identity and the crises of our present age. 
This book represents the insight gained over the years of ministry. It is authoritative with trustworthy, with seasoned applied counsel.  Along the way, you will:
•    Learn about your true identity and why it matters
•    Explore the structure of man
•    Know the purpose of life
•    Understand how to communicate your identity.
•    Re-position yourself for victory and fulfillment
You can enjoy a real fulfilling experience, through the true stories, helpful evaluations and easy to read format of this book.

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