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Who's Sawree Now?

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I’m Raven Silver, otherwise known as Sterling—I’m the east coast head of the Lunam et Stellas Societatem—The Societatem.
We control everything you Think is real.
We move the chess pieces around the board world-wide.
The coffee industry is ours . . . Big Pharma is being manipulated by us from within . . . .
Follow along little sheep—We count on you to do what sheep do—Your conformity is our greatest strategy.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost my prior pawn, Sawree and needed to create a new one .
Lollipop is a doll—a non-thinking, barely breathing, utterly controllable toy.
She makes a nice replacement for the insolent little artist

There’s nothing like having a vacant, empty vessel to do with as I please . . . she’s really the perfect doll

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