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Origins Unknown: The Kindred Chronicles: Book 1

292 pages4 hours


Alex Masterson isn’t special, he’s a bit tall for a boy on the brink of becoming a teenager, but he isn’t special. His parents and his school certainly don’t think he’s exceptional.

The only one to love him is Axis, his dog.

His mundane and repetitive existence is broken only by his vivid dreams where he explores a world of immense natural beauty but he senses all is not well with this dreamscape.

Eliza Andersen is a girl with an eerily similar background, and when they meet, both their worlds are turned inside out.

Their origins are brought into the light, their destinies intertwined, and their heritage uncovered.

Their voyage of discovery tests them, bends them, threatens to smash them apart. Can they fulfil their destinies, or will it prove too much?

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