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NEW LIGHTS ON OLD PATHS - 88 illustrated children's stories

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Herein are 88 illustrated short stories for children with most of the stories suffixed by a moral. In this volume you will find stories like:
The Innkeeper
The Brook and the Waterwheel
Crooked Horn and Old Brindle
The Lark and the Whippoorwill
The Weedy Farm
The Learned Owl
….and many, many more.
Even as long ago as 1888, Charles Foster believed that it is not new truths that we need, but the application of old ones to our daily life, which led to the title of this book. Even so, the stories are still fresh and engaging. Because they have 88 to choose from, you will find there will be at least a few stories each child falls in love with and goes back to time after time.
To have compiled such a volume in the 1880’s is nothing short of amazing. That the stories are of such quality is testament to the efforts of Charles Foster and his publishing house.
WE INVITE YOU to curl up in front of your hearth with the fire crackling and spitting. Then open this unique sliver of culture not seen in print for many a year; and immerse yourself in the tales and fables of America when it was still a young and growing country.
TAGS: fairy tales, folklore, myths, legends, children’s stories, children’s stories, bygone era, fairydom, fairy land, classic stories, children’s bedtime stories, fables, cultural, moral, Innkeeper, Brook, Waterwheel, Court-House Steeple, Crooked Horn,  Old Brindle, Millers, Tenth, Lark, Whippoorwill, Gate,  Gate Post, Weedy Farm, King, Content, Learned Owl, Horse,  Grasshoppers, Bark, Lightship, Unhonored, Servant, Wings, Standpoints, Man, Menagerie, Two Outlooks, Job Nickel, Unused Loom, Crowing, Peter Crisp, Spectacles, Two Apple Trees, Spring in  Woods, Distant View, Two Vines, Old Chestnut, Young Oak, Corn-cribs, Old Clock, New Home,  Great Secret, House-Builder, Pigeons, Clock on  Desk, Watch-Dog, Opened Eyes, Lantern People, Grand Relations, Fair, Foul Wear, Wreckage, Robin, Riddles, Emigrants Wagon, Big, Little Lanterns, Cat, Tiger, Charity, Day-Laborers,  Artist’s Answer, Hemlock,  Sugar-Maple, Bread, Beautiful, Harper, Unappreciated Gift, Worn-Out Team, Wise Farmer, Wayfarer, Birds Fears,  Night-Watchman, Single, Double, Boastful Fly, Mended Boots, Cripple,  his Staff, Search,  Swallows, Windmill, Medicine-Man, Eagle, Wren, Two Saplings, Cog-Wheel, Plough, Mowing-Machine, Fat, Lean, Half Empty, Quite Full, Snake, Rich, Poor, Hawk, Chicken, Servant, Money, Future Greatness, Old Mans Watch,  Teacher, Cloud Shadows, Penitent Transgressor, Dry Well, Fruit Tree, Deer, Homely, Handsome, Colt, Old Gray, King’s Almoner, Pansies, Bells, Jack,  Jenny, Meeting, Winds,

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