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The Player's Club: Queen of Hearts

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Four friends got together to buy a casino. What they didn’t expect was to be ripped off so thoroughly. The dump they bought is way more than a simple fixer-upper. Can you say gaters in the pool? Emmaline Heart might be the number cruncher of the group with her head in a book most of the time, but she knows a lost cause when she sees one. But Dredd, one of her cohorts, has an iron will when it comes to failure. Not in her vocabulary.

Now, Emmaline is under the gun to turn the casino into a money-making oasis so they can prove to the bitch who sold them the dump what they're made of. She can fix the books but she can’t seem to overcome her own obsessions and compulsions. Saying she’s a little OCD is like saying the Pope is a little Catholic. So far, she’s managed her disorder. Then Graven Stark walked into her life.

His job might be protecting the curvy, genius, but she’s much more than a simple job to him. She’s become his own obsession.

That is, until he realizes someone really is out to get her…

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