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I Am A Punishment Sent To You By God

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“I am God’s punishment. If you haven’t committed great sins, God would not send me to punish you” -Genghis Khan

   Born in 2015, Temujin's early life was childhood was a rough-and-tumble time. God sends him a secret as a gift. Thank to this, Temujin brings massive countries such as China, America, Russia and India to their knees and dominates the world. He puts a new world order in place. He doesn't intervene in anyone's faith. He establishes new administrations in all religious centers in Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina and many other places.

   Temujin's real task is to unite the world around concepts such as justice and morality and protect it from an extraterrestrial invasion, as God wants him to do. After he established the world order, God reveals this task to him. He makes massive preparations in order to protect the world from invasion. Invaders consist of two races who live in Urganacin System, which is a different solar system. Yaca and Maca races are set out to invade the world to destroy humanity.

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