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When the love of your life dumps you, you're going to go little nuts. But how much crazy is too much?

Mia Singh is heartbroken. The man she thought was the one, the love of her life has just broken up with her. To make matters worse, he is flaunting a new girlfriend around their workplace. Bitter and devastated, Mia begins to obsess with getting back at her ex, devising ways to kill him so that she can make him pay for what he was putting her through. Sitting in her tiny office cubicle, she adds to her "kill list" every day, plotting and planning, until one day, her devious scheme is realized.

A gripping novella, written in a tragicomic vein, Vengeful is a spurned lover's tale of retribution; a lesson to the one that dumped her, and the last he will ever learn.

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