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Augustus Cæsar

Length: 470 pages10 hours


When Julius Cæsar died there were two men who could have succeeded him: Antonius and Augustus.
For a while it seemed as though both could rule together, but when Antonius started his affair with Cleopatra, his hold on the reigns of Rome grew weaker and allowed Augustus to take control.
A complex man, Augustus was in turn both a womaniser and a puritan, a politician and a dictator, a soldier and a peace-maker.
His reign began with bloodshed but it ushered in a new world.
In this book, John B. Firth will introduce you to a man of conviction, of strength, of arrogance and tyranny.
And you will meet Augustus Cæsar, a man whose thirst for power drove him to become the most powerful man on earth.
The man who took Rome from a city to an Empire...

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