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The Shadline Rises: Starside Saga, #6

Length: 474 pages15 hours


Kila Sigh returns in to face her biggest challenge yet in the sixth book of Starside Saga!

Three previously unknown Shadline blades have surfaced, two are held by Kila Sigh, one by Fallo PiTorro. To the order of the Shadline, this signals a long-anticipated "culmination," pointing once again to the inevitable catastrophe known as Dem-Kisk.  

In the swampy wilderness of the Sagmarsh Wash, Fallo PiTorro learns the ways of the Shadline, and what it means to "Listen and Obey." It will be up to him to lead much more experienced Shadline masters in the order's age-old quest.
And Kila Sigh, now Highest of Kil, has her own problems. She and Henley scheme to hunt down the Hargothe, but when the demayne, Flaumishtak, gives her a lesson in the mercus, all her plans are shattered. Once again she is pursued--this time by former allies. The chase will lead to a massive confrontation that will change the realm of Starside forever.

Edstrom builds the action and wonder to epic levels in The Shadline Rises, and once again gives Starside Saga fans all the magic battles, heartfelt humor, and shocking twists they've come to expect.

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