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Fishermen from Heaven

Length: 228 pages3 hours


Fishermen from Heaven is an adventure yarn featuring two Icelander commercial fishermen, an American septuagenarian, and a Middle Eastern family on the run. Set in current times, it is the story of strangers thrown together in a raging North Atlantic storm. A diplomat, his expecting-any-minute wife, and their twelve and six year-old daughters are fleeing assassins contracted to kill them. The fishermen and the American do what they can to protect the family and themselves. Pressed into service as a midwife, the senior delivers the baby, and bonds with the youngest daughter cooking and singing at the fishing boat's tiny stove. The Icelander crewman is an Olympic class marksman with rifle and pistol, and he teams up with the captain and the old man to successfully bluff the killers the first time they board the fishing boat. The hired guns' second boarding is violent, as is their threat to the safety of the survivors after the vessel reaches Reykjavik.

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