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A young man stands up as the judge is about to announce his sentence. The judge says: ‘Young man before I sentence you do you have anything to offer the court? ’The young man replies: No your honor my ex-wife and my attorney got it all!

Thanks for buying my e-book; I can sure use the money. Maybe you bought the book because of the title or the cover but I assure you that while it may make you laugh, it is not funny.

Absolutely everything in this book comes from my personal experiences or the experiences of other men I’ve talked to or done time with.

Now; I want you to assume that Mr. X is a bitter, lying son of a &^%$ and then do the internet searches he’s suggests at the end of each chapter. Here’s a couple of searches good old Mr. X did for you:

What is the percentage of first marriages that end in divorce? Answer: Around 50%

What is the percentage of second marriages that end in divorce? Answer: In America around 67% of second marriages end in divorce and around 74% of third marriages end in divorce.

Good old Mr. X has also included some financial work sheets for you to complete. Go ahead; fill in the blanks and find out what you could be in for if your little head does the thinking for your big head.

Who do I blame for all the misery I’ve been through?

#1 Me. I had lots of good advice I didn’t listen to.

#2 The Family Court which exists to serve itself.

I sincerely hope my book will save guys out there and kids from going through what my daughter and I had to go through. Remember gentlemen protect your ASSets at all times.


Mr. X

Chapter One

Let’s Get Divorced!

I guess the only way to stop divorce is to stop marriage. Will Rogers

Let’s suppose you are married with a couple of kids, ages 8 and 5; and things have not been going well on the home front. Your wife tells you she wants a divorce (or you tell her you want one).

Typically; the man leaves the house and the kids stay with the mom, so let’s assume you’re a typical guy.

The sooner you get your stuff out of the house the better. If you have yearbooks, bowling balls, golf clubs, baseball cards, a motorcycle, drumsticks, a Rolex watch, whatever! Get that stuff out of the house a.s.a.p.

OK here we go! Let’s say you play golf and you have this great set of clubs. Things are heating up between you and your soon to be ex and she starts thinking to herself: ‘He’s not getting those clubs’!

Here are some scenario’s that have either happened to Mr. X himself or guys he’s talked to about this stuff.

Your golf clubs are busted up and tossed in the garbage.

Your golf clubs are donated to Goodwill.

Your golf clubs are sold and she uses the money to buy herself something nice.

She tells you that you can’t have them. So; you go to the house and get into a big fight. She calls the cops and you get arrested.

(This is a fun twist.) She says ‘sure come on over and get your clubs’. Then she calls the cops just as you pull up and tells them you are being abusive and she feels that she is in danger. You get out