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Scry Me A River: The Blood Visions Paranormal Mystery, #2

Length: 255 pages3 hours


Scrying: the ability to induce psychic visions using a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball or even… blood.

Crime scene cleanup technician Arie Stile is desperate for the visions to stop. Especially since the deceased whose memories she unwillingly reads while mopping up his blood is a most unpleasant man. Unfortunately, Arie knows from past experiences that the only way to get rid of the intrusive memories is to solve his murder.

If that means teaming up with her cranky, "senior delinquent" grandfather to infiltrate the River Rest Senior Center, then—like it or not—that's just what Arie will have to do.

SCRY ME A RIVER, a humorous paranormal mystery, is the second book in the Blood Visions series. The first, A SCRYING SHAME, is a 2015 Kindle Scout winner. If you enjoy suspense with a dash of humor, then grab your copy now!

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