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A Scrying Shame: The Blood Visions Paranormal Mystery, #1

Length: 302 pages4 hours


Following a near death experience, twenty-five-year old Arie Stiles decides she might as well take the job nobody else could want: a crime scene clean-up technician. The money is good, and death doesn't hold a lot of mystery for her.

Or so she thinks.

Arie isn't on the job long before discovering she possesses an unusual psychic talent: the ability to scry. Like it or not, the sight of blood channels the memories of the dead straight into Arie's brain.

When she's assigned to a crime scene, Arie is haunted by intrusive, relentless migraine-inducing visions from the murder victim, the socialite author of the best-selling gold-diggers' bible, Rich Bitch.

The way to get them to stop? Find the killer, of course.

A SCRYING SHAME, Book One in the Blood Visions Paranormal Mystery series, is a 2015 Kindle Scout winner.

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