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Long, long ago, the planet of Avalon had two great dragons: The Great White Dragon, Mursix, and the Great Black Dragon, Zyagus. Mursix had scales that glowed with a white light and even in the darkness, she could shine like a beacon in the sky. Zyagus had scales as dark as the night, blending in and blotting out the stars when he flew through the skies. Since the dawn of their creation, these two powerful beasts fought, the natural battle of light and darkness waged so that there might be a balance. One day, however, Mursix foresaw the destruction of Avalon if their attacks continued.

In order to put an end to the constant battle, Mursix created a weapon powerful enough to kill them. Mursix informed Zyagus of what she created and the power it had. Not wanting to perish just yet, Zyagus agreed to stop their fighting and to find a place to sleep for all eternity. Going off in different directions, the dragons headed to eternal rest. The eternal rest would put them into a state of hibernation. While still being alive they wouldn’t be able to cause anymore destruction.

Before putting herself to sleep, Mursix had another vision: Zyagus’ power was unleashed on Avalon, creating creatures and monsters to destroy the planet. Within the vision stood a young man using Mursix’s weapon, and alongside him was another with the Great White Dragon’s powerful magic. Realizing that their fight was far from over, Mursix stayed awake, waiting for the man who would come to claim her power.

A millennium had passed since Mursix’s vision, and the scars from the dragons’ battles had healed. The planet was filled with their residual magic, bringing about new life on the surface. A race of humans had taken root in Avalon.

Four hundred years later, a man climbed a mountain to reach a cave. Without hesitation, he walked inside, holding a torch as his only source of light, the darkness of the cave surrounding him. Suddenly, his fire was extinguished, and a white light filled the enormous cavern. Before him was Mursix, sitting on her hind legs with her head bent down, grazing the top of the cave which could barely accommodate her size. The man was scared at first and unsure of what he was seeing. Before he thought to flee, the Great White Dragon spoke. 

At last! Thou hast arrived! Ages, it seems, I have been waiting, Mursix said, her words echoing in the man’s head. He looked around as he heard her voice, scared and confused by what was happening. Methinks thou hast not learned speech. Fear not, for the power I will bestow upon thee will give thee and thy kinsman the ability to articulate, she continued. 

She closed her eyes and began to glow brightly, the entire cavern engulfed in her light. The man closed his eyes and shielded himself from the brightness. When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself glowing as her light began to fade.

What’s going on? Why am I glowing? the man said and tumbled backward, startled by the words that escaped his mouth. 

Fear not, as thou becomest one with the power now inside thee. T’will fade, and thou shalt learn many new things. Instruct thy people. A slumbering power liest within them. Go thy way and meet with them. Thy power will awaken the power within them, and a great destiny awaits each of them. A longer life thou shalt possess with the power now within thee, fifteen score years. Then, t’would befit thee to pass the power to another of thy choosing. Fret not, for thou shalt know when the time comes. Lacking power, methinks my sun is setting... My memories are now thine. Now, go thy way...

With her last words and breath, she passed away. Saddened by the loss of the creature he just met, the man walked up to the white dragon and placed his hand on her snout. 

Rest easy. For the task ahead, we’ll be prepared, the man said. 

Exiting the cavern, he stepped into the light of the sun now shining in front of him. Reaching the edge of the cliff, he stretched out his arms and spoke. 

My name is Merlin! the man yelled out into the bright, yellowing sky. 

As the years went by, Merlin went to everyone on the planet. When in his presence, the power within them awoke, giving them the ability to speak and think. After a hundred years of roaming Avalon, he met a woman. Her name was Nimue, and he fell in love with her, but soon after, he disappeared. No trace of him could be found. Seventy-five years later, he appeared again and began searching for an apprentice to pass his power on to. 

He trained many people in the hopes of passing his knowledge on so a better world could be created for those yet to come. One of his students was more adept than others: Morgan le Fay. She was six years old when he first met her. She traveled with him for many years, learning everything he taught her. 

There were five elements that comprised the magic in Avalon: fire, water, earth, air, and metal. Once a person mastered all five, they could create anything. Morgan le Fay was able to grasp that concept taught to her by Merlin. When she was sixteen, she was away from him for some time. During that period, he had a vision: she was covered in darkness, and evil was emanating from her. She created a Black Knight, who terrorized all of Avalon. Merlin was shocked by the vision. How could his student be this dark? She was the one he was going to give his power to when the time came. When she returned to him, she asked him about his power and if she would be receiving it. He was fearful of his vision and told her he wouldn’t be giving his power to her, and that he was done teaching her magic. 

Angry and distraught, she ran away from Merlin. After years of wandering, she stumbled into a cave. Not sure how she got there, she traveled into the darkness. After a while, she found a black sleeping dragon. She felt the power that resided in it and felt the terror and evil the dragon held. She killed the dragon and absorbed its power, and in doing so, she became the dark vision that Merlin had foreseen. At the same time, he felt the evil seeping into the world. He felt that the dark vision he had of her had come to fruition, and he went out to search for a way to stop it. After years of scouring Avalon, he found what he was seeking: a legend that only he knew. The sword in the stone created by the Great White Dragon Mursix. Upon discovering the sword, he learned of a spell to summon a hero to help push back the darkness spreading throughout Avalon. 

Merlin stood in a clearing, chanting the summoning spell. A vibration rumbled in the air as he chanted, when suddenly a bright circle formed in front of him. The circle disappeared, and inside was a young boy. Merlin learned the boy’s name was Arthur. He explained the trouble his world was in and that Arthur was the only one who could bring it back from destruction.

At first, Arthur didn’t want the task. He was scared of the responsibility being thrust upon him, until he saw firsthand what the darkness was doing to the land and how the people were being affected. He decided to do as Merlin instructed. So, he pulled the sword, Excalibur, from the stone. Merlin trained the young Arthur in the ways of knighthood, and as they traveled, they gained favor, which brought together eleven brave and young souls to join Arthur and Merlin’s journey.

Some years passed, and the darkness threatening Avalon grew stronger. The evil threatening Avalon had a loyal servant, the Black Knight. It was bestowed with powers to defile the land and turn its creatures into