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Magick Mirror - M.G. Herron

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Copyright © 2016 by M. G. Herron. All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, businesses, events, or locales is purely coincidental. This story may not be reproduced without express written consent.



M. G. Herron



IT WAS NO use arguing with his mother when her mind was made up. Not that Anders always listened to his own advice, of course.

You need to get out of the house, she said.

Why? he asked, eyes fixed forward, hands still gripping a Nintendo controller.

Because you’ve been moping for weeks.

I don’t want to.

I don’t care. Now, let’s go!

Anders sighed. He had a different opinion about what he needed to do. He liked the calm darkness of the basement. He liked the bright rectangle of the flat-screen TV. He liked getting lost in the story worlds and landscapes of video games. Adventure on a screen transported him from the fog of melancholy and allowed him to forget that Nadine hadn’t spoken more than two words to him in twice as many weeks.

Reluctantly, Anders joined his mother on a short drive to Spence’s Bazaar. They parked the sedan and browsed the rows of paint-chipped, warped wooden tables outside the faded red barn that housed the bazaar. The vendors showcased all sorts of knick-knacks—cell phone cases, used radios, knockoff mp3 players, kitchen utensils, you name it. The late October air was cold enough for scarves. Anders silently protested by refusing a coat.

I thought you liked this place.

I do. He suppressed a shiver.

Well, cheer up then, his mom said. This section is just junk and secondhand clothes. I want to go look at the furniture.

Anders groaned. He couldn’t bear the agony of browsing battered armoires with her again. She spent an excruciating amount of time shopping for furniture. He grasped for an alternative and remembered that Halloween was on Monday.

I need to get a Halloween costume.

I thought you said you didn’t want to dress up for Halloween this year.

Ben is. Maybe I can find something here.

Fine. She stepped under the awning and went in a side door of the converted barn. Meet me back here at 11:45.

Anders sighed with relief when she disappeared into the crowd. He wandered around outside. In a tent