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Redefining Homeopathy Volume III

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Time has come for a serious dialogue regarding a scientific REDEFINING and rational rebuilding of the fundamental principles and methods of Homeopathy. Rebuilding of the whole system is essential, to emancipate this powerful therapeutic art from the clutches of unscientific, metaphysical and vitalistic ideologies. Modern scientific knowledge and its technologies have evolved into such a state of maturity that we can now at least attempt with their help to provide a scientific and satisfactory explanation for the centuries-old mysteries and riddles associated with this wonderful therapeutic system. Such a fundamental re-building shall obviously result in finally enthroning homeopathy on its rightful status as the most advanced branch of modern medical science, unfairly denied for more than last two hundred years.
In this modern era of scientific enlightenment and technological advance, we can no longer hope to proceed further ahead with Homeopathy, without the help of a well proven and universally acceptable scientific THEORY an PRACTICE. We can no longer hope to depend merely upon certain set of somewhat mysterious ‘quotes’ and philosophical speculations inherited from our great masters and ‘stalwarts’. It is very important that Homeopathy has to be first of all dealt with as a subject of science, not as a religion or philosophy. Essentially, the principles of Homeopathy have to achieve the right to be recognized as part of modern medical science. To begin with, it has to attain acceptability among the modern scientific community, at least in terms of methodology, and paradigms.
I would like to entitle this emerging ‘REDEFINED’ scientific version as Dialectical Homeopathy, since this reclaiming is essentially achieved utilizing the theoretical tools of dialectical methodology. Dialectical Homeopathy is basically an innovative and positive enhancement of classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy, and as such, may be considered as its ‘dialectical negation’ at large. Historically, it represents a qualitatively higher stage in the natural evolutionary growth and maturation of Homeopathy.

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