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Make Money Now! Everything You Need to know to Sell Content Online

Length: 225 pages2 hours


Every new content creator starts with an idea, zero customers, and zero followers. Each had to create their niche, build a following before they started making more money than their parents. But to become a successful content creator, you have to understand the business behind the content creation and implement marketing strategies in order to ensure success.

As a musician, an early blogger, author, podcast host, Multimedia content producer and success coach, Ezina LeBlanc has seen the role of content creators evolve and expand into something that no one could have ever imagined. For 3 decades Ezina has been creating content and selling it online through her newsletter and now on social media. She has undisputed insight into how to thrive in the content creator industry. She has been there, done that and is ready to share the crucial steps to get started selling your content online. In this book she'll reveal how to:
*Build an audience and keep them engaged
*Package your content for multiple platforms
*Monetize your lifestyle
*Enroll others to assist with selling your content
Plus tips on:
*The best content to create right now
*Working your circle of influence
*Maximizing your reach
*Using penny ads to gain momentum

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