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From Ideas to Iconic Brands

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Inspiring stories of 101 amazing brands that changed the world

• Apple • Coca-Cola • Nike • Starbucks • Disney • KFC • Hallmark • Mercedes • Revlon • Tupperware • Banana Republic and many more

Inspiring stories to help you build a bigger, better, stronger brand

A cross between a business book and a storybook, From Ideas to Iconic Brands is a collection of 101 accessible, enjoyable and revealing tales behind the creation of some of the world’s greatest brands, including Mercedes, Apple, Disney, KFC, WWF, Guinness World Records and Coca-Cola.

The stories are arranged into sections covering brand origins, brand naming and identity, marketing strategy, communication, innovation, repositioning and renovation, with a moral at the end of every story. For each story, the author has drawn a marketing principle that can be applied to many brand and marketing challenges businesses face today.

Packed with compelling anecdotes illustrating how to gain increased visibility, cultivate a loyal following and establish a reputation of being the best in the market, this book provides the reader with a fully-equipped toolbox for building a winning brand!

Giles Lury is the Executive Chairman of The Value Engineers, a leading marketing and advertising agency. His specialist subjects are brand positioning, brand architecture, and innovation. He is a regular contributor to the marketing press, and he blogs for The Marketing Society.

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