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Chris Lancer, Senior Special Agent, Interpol, Special Operations Division, is getting close to taking down a powerful illegal arms dealer based in Portugal but has to rescue her main contact from U.S. law enforcement before she can continue. U.S. Marshal Jack Striker was attacked by a female assailant while transporting a Portuguese fugitive. He is successful in obtaining extradition papers for his fugitive and the unknown woman but soon discovers his attacker was Chris and she has no intention of letting him arrest her or her contact—his fugitive. But her evasions make him more determined than ever. Once he learns her true identity, he enlists the aid of a fellow ex-Navy SEAL living in Portugal, Peyton McKenzie, in order to help track her through the Portuguese countryside and hopefully lead him to his fugitive. Someone is trying to kill Chris and is always one step ahead of her. She knows there is a leak inside Interpol and is convinced her target is not who she initially suspected. She is forced to sever all ties with Interpol and joins forces with Jack and Peyton. The trio find themselves in a race to survive and end the reign of the enigmatic arms dealer and his Interpol connection.

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