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ServiceNow IT Operations Management
ServiceNow IT Operations Management
ServiceNow IT Operations Management
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ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



About this ebook

About This Book
  • Written to the latest specification, it will cover basic to advanced concepts and architecture.
  • Take a service-centric approach to operations management and consolidate all your resource data into a single system IT record.
  • Beat the key challenge of managing multiple business operations (even running globally) over a complex IT infrastructure and see immediate results.
Who This Book Is For

The book is aimed at System administrators, IT operations and IT managers who plan to implement ServiceNow IT Operations Management for their organization. They have no knowledge of ServiceNow ITOM.

Release dateApr 27, 2017
ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Reviews for ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

1 rating1 review

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Very helpful book. Informative, but not so detailed. Good start for beginners.

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ServiceNow IT Operations Management - Ajaykumar Guggilla

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Demystifying IT Operations Management

Ajaykumar Guggilla


ServiceNow IT Operations Management

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First published: April 2017

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ISBN 978-1-78588-908-0




The author has taken the possible measures and made it easy for the reader to use the easily available resources, including most of the steps highlighted in the book that is leveraged using the developer instance, which is available for everyone. You can reset it at h t t p s ://d e v e l o p e r . s e r v i c e n o w . c o m /a p p . d o #!/h o m e. Moreover, for any further clarifications required on the subject, you can navigate to h t t p s ://c o m m u n i t y . s e r v i c e n o w . c o m /w e l c o m e. Also, the latest documentation and further details are available at the ServiceNow wiki, which has a vast majority of topics covered. Some of the topics or images might have references to ServiceNow wiki. ServiceNow is a trademark of ServiceNow Inc. who owns ServiceNow. The author has no direct involvement with the company. He has just utilized the product capabilities and features to complete the book. The book started the journey during the Geneva release. The author has taken all the measures to update the versions to Helsinki and Istanbul. You might need to refer to ServiceNow wiki for the latest documentation if some of the topics are not clear and you can also get clarification from the ServiceNow community. The author does not warrant that all the instructions mentioned in the book might work the way they are described. All the steps described are based on configurations and settings of various instructions described, for example, IP addresses, attribute information, and other information pertinent to the environment and settings. Furthermore, the author has not utilized any of the external resources either from his employer or other third-party resources. This book was fully written by the author using his own personal developer instance available at ServiceNow.

About the Author

Ajaykumar Guggilla is the holder of a masters in computer applications and is certified in Project Management Professional (PMP), information technology, and Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Expert, Microsoft Certified Professional, PRINCE2, and ServiceNow administrator. Ajay has 19 years of experience in the IT industry. Ajay started his career as a hardcore programmer and evolved to take on many positions at reputable organizations, including Cognizant, PwC, and Sathyam. Ajay has diversified his experience to include IT service delivery, IT infrastructure, enterprise systems, improving quality and maturity, CRM solutions, adopting service management solutions, SAP support, data center migrations, IT Service Management (ITSM)/ITIL, and ServiceNow solutions.

His experience from previous job roles extends to program manager, IT architect, process owner, process lead, director, project manager, engagement manager, process manager, reporting champion, and global production. Ajay has worked with fortune customers in oil and gas, chemicals, automobiles and parts, healthcare, retail, media, travel and leisure, insurance, telecommunications, banks, media and entertainment, insurance, financial services, technology, and intergovernmental organizations.

His knowledge has helped many organizations, including defining the strategy, streamlining the service management process, optimizing the cost, adhering to compliances, increasing the customer satisfaction, process maturity, technology adoption, infrastructure transformation and consolidation, and much more.

Ajay started working with ServiceNow five years back. He has worked on different engagements in helping organizations select their service management tool, has managed ServiceNow programs, has solutioned, architected, and handled end-to-end implementations, and performed process automation and version migrations. He is passionate about working on ServiceNow and loves the product, which has lead him to write this book on ITOM, which will help individuals and organizations improve their operational excellence by implementing ITOM capabilities.


Thanks to my parents: my dad, the late Mr. Subramanyam, and my mom, Mrs. Surekha, who gave birth to me, and all the sacrifices they have made to raise me and my siblings. Without them I would not have gained the knowledge I have. Mom and dad, you have been there day after day, to make sure my life turned out this way. I miss you dad. Thanks for the support mom.

An important acknowledgement goes to my sweet and great wife, Mrs. Padma, without whom I would not have completed this book--she has been pushing and motivating me every day throughout the journey to complete this book. She compromised on the family time; at times I feel I have a warrior when she is next to me. Thanks for all your love and motivation my sweet wife. 

I can't explain how much my kids missed their dad's time over the course of writing this book. I was lucky to have my sweet kids, Dhrithi and Smrithi, who could understand and be supportive. They used to check with me about the progress of this book. Thanks kids, you are the sweetest. 

Thanks to my sisters, Ajitha and Aisu, who supported my growth and education throughout my life by providing guidance and support. Thanks for being my sisters.

My thanks to all my employers: Cognizant, PwC, Event Consulting, and Sathyam, for providing me an opportunity to work at an organization that has, either directly or indirectly, helped me gain the knowledge to write this book.

Thanks to all my colleagues, especially Mr. Raja Rangenathan and Mr. Praveen Challa, my friends, my family, and all others who have helped me either directly or indirectly to complete this book. 

Thanks to the Packt team for giving me this opportunity and help in all the stages of completing this book.

Last but not least, I cannot forget to thank Mr. Fred Luddy for creating such a wonderful product, ServiceNow. 

About the Reviewers

Chatarina Lyth has 20 years of experience in the IT industry and 10 years of work experience in IT Operations Management. She has, over the years, worked as a consultant, implementing several of the leading ITOM tools in large enterprises, in the private as well as public sectors. Chatarina joined the ServiceNow ITOM team in 2014, and has been part of the journey ServiceNow has made since then.

Tcat (formerly Tim Catura-Houser) transitioned from vacuum-tube (valve) computers in 1965. He got really excited when the Altair got Microsoft BASIC around 1973, because he could have a computer at home. More recently (March 2017), he was surprised with the President's Award from h t t p ://w w w . e t a - i . o r g / for being a dedicated volunteer.

His career as a global road warrior has included both being a field geek and trainer, only sometimes to his extreme peril. His MCP number 416024 in 2017 marks 20 years as an MCSE.

While some of the titles he has worked on are lost to history, he quit counting after 50. Some of them can be found on Amazon by his former and current names.

Certainly, it is easy for me to say I cannot remember doing a tactical editing project that brought me so many smiles. Your author did an amazing job. On the internal side, I experienced equal pleasure. In my own mind I call it the tale of 2 Jays. Judie and Juliana at Packt are two astounding individuals! To me, they are more than professional. They are what I would have to call, buddies.


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