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Vane: The Genesis of Revelations

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In a dystopian future, Nigeria is overrun with rampaging monsters, blood sucking vampires, and biologically enhanced assassins.
Vane is one such assassin. Grown from a lab, he had become an emotionless killing weapon. Or so they thought... He had only one charge; kill the innocent young doctor, Vanessa Pepple. But something inexplicable made him disobey a direct order, and join forces with Vanessa and her band of vengeful heroes.
Henrietta had lost her husband, her son and finally, the very essence of her humanity. She'd lost it all. And with nothing left to lose, she would stop at nothing to get her revenge.
The Pepples had come together. Each one scarred by someone-or something evil. An evil born off an unquenchable thirst for limitless power.
Together with Henrietta and the assassin, Vane, the Pepples must race across the country to stop the machinations of a diabolical adversary. Someone whose twisted genius for evil was already wrecking a path of unspeakable horrors that only together they could stop...even at the point of becoming monsters themselves.

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