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Outlaw. Bounty hunter. Lawman.

At one time or another, John Holcomb has worn each of these hats. But his violent life extracted a toll. The aches of old wounds can be soothed with a bottle, but no amount of whiskey can dull the pain of losing his wife and son.

Now, years later, the aged gunman is dying, and faced with a stark realization: he has one slim chance to make amends for past failures, and leave something behind for his loved ones.

Holcomb's plan is simple. With the help of his biographer, he will write his memoirs, and record as his legacy the story of his life. Back east, the fabled West is all the rage, and tales of dashing heroes and black-hearted villains are a hot commodity. Publishing his life story could bring in enough money to provide for Molly and Cullen's future—IF it will sell.

Holcomb figures to stack the deck. He's stretched the truth. The heroic life he's revealed to his biographer is built on a base of bull. But though the bulk of his story is fiction, Holcomb is dead certain of one thing: the ending will be a blast, written in gun smoke, blood and thunder.

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