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EE-Z Dictionary: Use the Right, Rite, Wright, Write Word

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So many choices. This reference guide has approximately 3,000 words convenient at your finger tips - and, it’s fun! (no conjugations!)

This custom-designed dictionary is specifically for English as a second language (or third, fourth...). It explains the tongue-twisting pronunciations and clears confusion of everyday, useful, as well as sophisticated words. Pronounce your chosen word; understand its nuances - negative or positive meanings, feminine only or for males only. It’s comprehensible. Examples:

**project (“project”)

*project (verb) “proh JEHKT” guess at some future goal
I project that they will build many homes on that acreage.
Other forms: projection (n)

*project (noun) “PRAW jehkt” a concentration of buildings or goal
The project was a design for 12 houses and a one story school.

propensity(noun) “proh PEHN sih tee” a natural talent
Well, she has a propensity to act as the hostess; she’s very gracious.
Note: It’s always said, “to have a propensity”

**prophet (see “profit”)

So EE-Z to do!

A brief history of intercultural communication problems is included.

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