Third Wheel: Lady Godiva, #3

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Third Wheel: Lady Godiva, #3

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Length: 43 pages37 minutes


Big Beautiful Woman meets the Bad Boy Biker's Friend...

What does a semi-meek, plump biker chick—and soon-to-be-former-housewife—in sensible-heeled shoes do when confronted by her lying, cheating, soon-to-be ex-husband? Tells him she's already replaced him with not one hot, young biker—but two!
And so what if he begs her to take him back and to think of the children. It's not like he'll do anything drastic, right?
I forgot I was a lady, I should not have kissed and told…

A steamy contemporary BBW romance series about an older woman who meets a younger man—a bad boy enforcer for a notorious motorcycle gang. Neither realize they're looking for a second chance at life—and love—until they get to know each other intimately. Each story includes at least one steamy scene, so consider yourself warned as this couple get intimate outdoors and in!

Third Wheel is approximately 10,000 words.

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