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The World Convention push us all to encourage and celebrate life, not death, for they constantly remind us, they did give us the 18 year gift of a child in the first place.

Three very different couples would accept their Third newborn (no prejudice, sexual orientation stereotyping) and raise he/she for 18 years to their best ability and to teach, pass on or install all they possibly could before they would endure a series of tests and be examined in all facets of life. All three Thirds are told at an early age that they will meet for the first time a week before their 18th birthday in a controlled testing center (one of the many, worldwide), to sit through exams of all genres, before being sedated without any knowledge or revealing of the final results. The tested must face off to all sorts of challenges. The downside is that there is only room for one confident winning Third to take their place in our controlled society! The two remaining failed Thirds will then be terminated humanely and immediately before the W.C. announces the results via social media networks. Touching messages of condolences are sent to the families of the unsuccessful families, including one very special one from the World Leaders themselves.

The surviving Third now takes his/her place in society to contribute in a way the World Convention sees fit. Work hard, find a partner, get married and apply for the baby Third donation program themselves. The cycle turns just as they had planned. He/she becomes a perfect controlled pawn in a perfect controlled game.This is the new world order with its perfect worldly ways – is it fair? Everyone has their own private (mostly spineless) view for we are simply human. But what is my view? It is simple, I am a Third and this is not acceptable!

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