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Autism How to Challenge Your Beliefs and Fixations

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Travis shares how he learned to challenge his beliefs and fixations. Autistic people tend to fixate on things. Travis learned he had choices to make and could choose not only to change his beliefs but change how he spent time focusing on his fixations. Travis made positive changing that have given him a happy life. Now he shares his story with you to help others who might be stuck and need help.

Travis now feels empowered to make better choices not only about his beliefs but in what he chooses to think about or fixate on. Travis overcomes years of learned helplessness to gain control of his life and create his own destiny. Travis provides personal tips that he used to step out of his comfort zone and begin changing his entire thought process to live a better life.

Learning life was all about choices was encouraging to Travis. Sometimes folks with autism do not even realize we have choices to make. Travis learned he has many choices but also learned that he has control to make the choices he wants to make when he is read to make them. Learn how Travis is taking control over his life and creating the happiness that you and others can learn to create as well.

This book is very informative and breaks down the thought processes of one person with autism. It is the author's hope that providing encouragement to others will help them realize they have choices and power as well. This book will given someone who is feeling trapped the encouragement they need to step out and take control in their life. The reader will learn step by step how to identify negative beliefs and counteract them with positive beliefs. The reader will learn to embrace the negative but not get stuck on it. They will also learn how let go of what other people think of them and begin truly living their amazing life.

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