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Bender Creek Bridge's Troubled Waters

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The longest year of Joy Petermeyer's life is just about over.
Nurse Hal's stepson, Daniel Lapp, is due back from Tennessee
in August, and they planned to get married. Only according to
his Aunt Ida's letters, Daniel is having a good time in Tennessee
working with his Uncle Marvin's horses and dating an Amish girl
named Arlene. Joy worries that Daniel isn't coming home, and decides
she has to move on. Her only friend is Melinda Esch. One night, they
go on a camping trip which ends up tragically. Joy is determined to
never have anything to do with Melinda after that night. Just when she
considered her life was in bad shape, Daniel's friend, Jimmie Miller
invites Joy to step out with him to the teen singings. Joy is welcomed back
by the Amish teens after months of avoiding the singings. That date with
Jimmie leads to a picnic and horseback riding dates. Summer is fun again,
and Joy realizes she has developed deep feelings for Jimmie. To Joy's surprise,
not even her romance with Jimmie goes well. Samuel Nisely, Jimmie's stepfather,
tells Joy to stay away from Jimmie as long as she is promised to Daniel Lapp.
Even if Daniel doesn't come back to Iowa, Joy might not be able to see Jimmie
ever again as long as Samuel Nisely says Jimmie can't date her. This series of
events turned summer into the worst one of her life again, and it all started with
Bender Creek Bridge's Troubled Water.

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