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Overcoming Money Fears: Financial Consciousness Series #6

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Setting intentions is fundamental in the process of overcoming money fears. Negative money intentions such as “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills” leads to negative money results “not enough money to pay your bills”.

If you are grounded in positive money intentions, then your response will always be to notice your lack without feeling victimized. Paying attention only to your lack stems from negative money intentions. Positive money intentions always look for opportunities for growth and balance.

10 Secrets to Overcoming Money Fears
Ask yourself, what does your negative and positive money fears look like to you?
2. Picture a day at your highest positive money intentions
3. Become proactive about your money fears
4. Stop comparing your financial success or failure to others
5. Remember, you can’t control everything
6. Invest 10 minutes daily renewing your mind with positive money intentions
7. Listen to your higher conscious self about money
8. Protect and direct your money energy wisely
9. Remember, all things work together for good to those who believe
10. Celebrate your financial ups and downs

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