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You Don't See Any of This

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Drunks. Addicts. Killers. The dead, dying, deformed, damaged, ashamed, and abused. Misunderstood and overlooked human beings are everywhere around us, and have a story to tell to those who are willing to listen. You Don't See Any of This is an emotional, quirky, and sometimes dangerous tour through the lives of downtrodden, regular, working-class characters who inhabit complicated inner worlds.

Two little girls struggle as they're crushed under the weight of their mother's hoarding. A woman born with physical deformities creates her own way of healing others. A brutal man finds his humanity while a young girl finds the killer inside her. Faced with grief, loss, death, ageing, as well as their own failures and defects, these are stories of people we pass by every day, but rarely see unless we take the time to look.

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