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Travis the Bingo Caller

16 pages14 minutes


This is a story about how a shy man named Travis conquered social anxiety to become a professional bingo caller. He put himself out there and now helps oversee bingo for several people two nights per week. Follow along as Travis transforms his life socially through gaining confidence and self-esteem as a successful bingo caller. Learn how Travis bettered his social skills while calling bingo.

This book is a story about how a man found something he enjoyed in life and used it to better himself as a person and overcome many challenges. Travis loves bingo and shares his passion with others all while being social.

Having autism being social was not always easy for Travis. It did not come naturally and bingo provided him the perfect opportunity to practice and improve his social skills. Travis met the right people at the right place and time in his life so that he could have a learning experience that would change his life all while he could help others enjoy a night out of bingo.

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