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Her Stepbrothers are Cowboys

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They were called Death Riders -- cowboys and shifter mustangs.

Landon and Cody thought they were prepared for anything, but not for the red-haired bombshell that happened to be their stepsister and mate. There was something about her, and what they saw raised the supernatural powers inside of them. Death would not claim their mate, even if over 200 bloodsuckers were hunting for her and her mother.

Haven was a schoolteacher, but her quiet world had been turned upside down when she saw her father murdered, leaving her and her mother to escape into the night. Haven never expected her mother to find another mate or that her stepfather would be the father of two of the hottest men she had ever seen. I mean, who could turn down two men in tight jeans who could also sing like country stars, and had a great talent with rope?

The trio come together to end the threat against her life, but were surprised by another entity that destroyed the enemy and then claimed to be their fourth.

Haven knew her world was about to get scary and interesting, but wondered if the four of them could come together to form a family unit? Not only did she have her doubts, but so did her stepbrothers who watched this newest member of their family.

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