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Christmas With Family

Christmas With Family

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Christmas With Family

55 pages
42 minutes
Jun 27, 2018


When Symone finds herself unexpectedly in custody of her confused and frightened four-year-old niece for Christmas she knows she has to make it work. Symone's sister had to get to her husband, injured in Afghanistan and in critical condition. Rachel is left in limbo with only a few days 'til Santa comes.

It helps when Blake, a friend of her brother-in-law, shows up to try to make it a merry Christmas for Rachel but Symone doesn't know the man or the history he's hiding. And she's not interested in another holiday with the wrong guy. Can they save Christmas for the child they both love?

Jun 27, 2018

About the author

Women strong enough for love. Donna writes science fiction, paranormal and small town romances about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love. Now that she has retired from going into an office every day, she created an office at home and writes full time. Talk about living the dream! She was the girl at the party who was yearning for the quiet corner and a book to read (go Rory Gilmore!), and has been writing in her head since she learned to read. Getting those stories down on paper (or in her laptop) has been more fun than she ever imagined it could be. The possibilities of science fiction have always drawn her and she's read them all, there just needed to be a little more romance in them. She finally got up the courage to write them herself and is delighted to be able to share these stories with you. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. She can be reached at,, or

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Christmas With Family - Donna Steele


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Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

Cover Artist: Carl J. Franklin

1st Edition 2013

Cover Artist: Robert Steele

2nd Edition 2018

Christmas With Family


Donna Steele

Christmas with Family

Chapter One

Symone looked down at the despondent little girl on the couch. She couldn't blame her. This wasn't the Christmas she'd been expecting. Now her life was up in the air and no one knew what to expect.

Symone glanced at her watch again. Looking at it didn't help. Her sister, Alicia was probably over the Atlantic right now, assuming weather hadn't delayed the plane out of New York. She would call home at the first opportunity, Symone was confident of that but immediately wasn't soon enough for poor Rachel.

The Christmas tree that took up all of the space in front of the window was lit, but the sparkles and ornaments weren't attracting the child's attention. Not even the beautifully wrapped packages were getting a glance right now.

Starting for the couch to give Rachel a hug, the doorbell startled Symone and she turned in that direction. She opened the door and looked up into the surprised face of a tall man with short dark hair and meltingly dark eyes. He was well built and looked tough but she didn't feel intimidated. A friend of Jerry's?

He stepped back instantly, the smile dimming on his face. Is this the Reed home?


I was looking for . . . He glanced past her and the smile reappeared on his face. A rag doll.

Without warning Rachel darted past her and flung herself into the arms of the large man. "Not a rag doll, Rachel!"

He hugged the little girl and then looked into her face. I can never remember that. Are you sure your name's not Rags? With that hair?

Symone relaxed slightly. The two obviously knew each other.  Rachel had the same red hair she and Alicia had, if a little lighter at her age.

Aunt Symone, this is my Uncle Blake.

Symone blinked at that. Jerry was an only child.

He shifted the child in his arms and held out his hand. Honorary uncle. I'm Blake Connelly, a friend of Jerry's. She saw the tightness return to his eyes at the mention of Jerry's name, but he said nothing.

Please, come in. She stepped back and he followed her, giving her a chance to close the door and keep the cold outside.

They said Daddy got hurt. Were you there?

No, Rags. I'm sorry I wasn't. But I'm sure he'll be fine.

"Momma went to

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