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NATIVE AMERICAN MYTHS: collected 1636–1919

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* An important book about one of the world's most inspirational yet least-known mythologies, written by an expert in the genre.
* One of the most comprehensive collections of its kind. Based on three years' research through hundreds of archives, revealing a treasure trove of material, some never before available to the general UK reader.
* Over 100 ancient stories, verse narratives, songs, anecdotes and fragments of wisdom, sourced from 55 different Native American peoples.
* Extraordinary allegories that explore universal human concerns, promoting harmony between people and respect for the environment.
* Unforgettable characters include the Thunderbirds, Spider Woman, Raven, the Sun, Bear Mother and the Keeper of the Brains of the Dead.
* Includes fascinating information about the original Native American storytellers and their diverse cultural backgrounds.

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