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Nyung Na eBook

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The Nyung Na retreat is a two-day intensive practice that includes taking the 24-hour Mahayana precepts with the addition of complete fasting and silence on the second day.

Doing even one Nyung Na is said to be as effective as three months of other purification practices and is extremely powerful for healing illness, purifying negative karma, and opening the heart to compassion. The 2015 revised version has many updates advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, including the addition of more prayers to Chenrezig and the stories of the Nyung Na lineage lamas.

Contents include:

-Calling the Guru from Afar
-The Preparatory Ceremony
-Taking the Restoring and Purifying Ordination
-Requesting the Lineage Gurus
-Invocation of the Merit Field
-The Practice of Prostrations to the Thirty-Five Confession Buddhas
-Meditation on the Self Generation
-Meditation on the Front Generation
-The Principal Practice of Praise
-Offering the Tormas
-Praises to the Dharma Protectors
-Offering an Ablution
-Verses of Auspiciousness

1. Arranging the Essential Bases
2. Notes about the Mahayana Ordination
3. Alternate Prayers for the Beginning of the Session
4: Mudras for the Nyung Na Practice
5. Modes of Meditation
6. Notes on Mantra Recitation
7. How to Perform the Offering Bath
8. Instructions
9. Avalokiteshvara
10. Stories on the Nyung Na Lineage Lamas
11. Notes on the Long Dharani
12. Dedication and Long Life Prayers
13. Chantable Prayers

2015 edition.

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