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Becoming a Secured Party Creditor and Why It's Easier Than You Think - With a Complete UCC 1 Example Form

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So many people are interested in becoming a secured party creditor in order to discharge debts and avoid other liabilities that has been fraudulently bestowed upon them by the companies and others they have contracted with. This book is intended to help you understand how simple the process really is and it also provides the reader with an example form filled out by myself. I have completed thousands of UCC-1 filings and have accessed the remedies the UCC-1 provides once it is properly filed. This book is based upon my firsthand experience and I hope you are able to make use of the information herein.
If you are not in the financial position to pay hundreds or in some cases thousands, just to become a secured party creditor, then this do it yourself book is just what you are looking for! Welcome to our very simple and easy to understand guide to help you on your journey to becoming a secured party creditor.

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