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Hot Wheels: A Short Story
Hot Wheels: A Short Story
Hot Wheels: A Short Story
Ebook24 pages20 minutes

Hot Wheels: A Short Story

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A son’s passion. A mother’s guilt. A husband’s commitment.

When the night train screams into the station at four in the morning, the racing starts. That’s also when the memories are at their most vivid. But when a mother loses her only child, does she have anything left to live for? Or is her loss justified by her own past sins?

Release dateJun 28, 2018
Hot Wheels: A Short Story
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Christina van Deventer

Christina van Deventer is a girly-girl, protector of furry and scaly creatures and wife to a real-life Viking. She loves beautiful things, good company and she feels good food, good wine and great books have something fundamental in common: they make people happy.When she is not writing, she loves creating magic in her Arctic kitchen or craft room, or playing ESO, which is her virtual second home. Christina is always excited to hear from fellow bibliophiles!

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Rating: 0 out of 5 stars
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    Hot Wheels - Christina van Deventer

    Hot Wheels

    A Short Story


    Christina van Deventer

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    I hear them starting up their cars, revving the engines, their exhausts burning white hot against the quiet of night. It’s just past four in the morning, but I’ve been waiting for their ritual to start. Some of them are just kids. I know, because I have seen them around; sitting on hoods smoking cheap cigarettes, teasing girls in tiny shorts and laughing with the abandon only teenage boys know. They drive in a similar way. They’re the Rustenburg Street Racers’ Club. They don’t know that, but that’s what I’ve dubbed them. They steal mags from Beemers and Humvees and buy decals at the local Midas. They mechanic the hell out of piece-of-shit cars while they drool over the real thing in magazines

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