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God's Daily Portion: My Amazing 31 Day Devotional Prayer Prompt Journal

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What is the 31 Day Devotional Prayer Prompt Journal?

"I don't know how to pray!"

"Why don't you pray for me?"

My amazing 31 Day Devotional Prayer Prompt Journal will change the way you pray.

It is packed with scripture references, motivational contents, prayer reflections, and just enough space for you to pour your heart out on paper to the Lord.

It will help you become a devoted follower of Christ through prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.

You name it, you can pray about it.

It's your own way of expressing yourself to God and learning to channel your inner self talk to him on paper. Any time of day or night, your prayer prompt journal goes with you hence My Amazing 31 Days Devotional Prayer Prompt Journal.

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