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两个世界 一颗童心


他们并不知道, 两个人的相遇, 将为他们开启一个新的旅程。

他们得以跨越中以两国的边界, 触碰对方的内心。


当所有的事情是那样的不同时, 却更容易找到相似之处。

他们一起享受美食, 一起看美丽的风景, 一起感受双方语言的魅力。

他们也一起开心, 一起害怕和一起难过。

慢慢的,他们了解到,正是因为双方的不同之处, 两颗心才得以接近。

现在, 就让我们跟随者夏河和朝阳一起, 体验他们的神奇旅程。

这本书是犹太作家韦雷德 · 卡明斯基在中国生活时编写的,



写这本书, 韦雷德意在告诉大家——虽然我们来自不同的世界, 虽然我们是那么




Two Worlds, One Child’s Heart

This is a true and exciting story about two children, two countries and one friendship.

Zhau Yang was born in a great and mysterious country – China.

He lived there with his family, in all kinds of weather.

Shahar was born in a small and unique country – Israel.

He traveled to China with his parents to study, tour and enjoy.

One day, they encountered each other on a street in China.

Both were licking sweet, pink ice cream.

They looked at each other silently and curiously, for not only did they not know each other, but they could see that they really did not look alike – they were so very different.


They liked playing the same games, and they cried the same tears when saying goodbye, but they lived in worlds so far apart from each other,

worlds in which children live who are so dissimilar and yet so very similar.


Vered Kaminsky has published four children’s book.

"Two Worlds, One Child’s Heart" is a true story that took place in China, being published in Hebrew and in Chinese

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