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Hunting the Dark: Hunter Elite, #8

272 pages4 hours


Ari finally gets a chance to contact the pixies. It is her hope that they will give her some of their magical dust so she can cast the spell that will nullify Spencer's control over the people she loves. Their assistance won't be free. They require her to perform a difficult and dangerous task before they'll hand over their dust.

Before she can tackle that problem, Von Hades sends the Hunter Elite out on a new mission. This one is stranger than most and their foes are both deadly and elusive. It isn't going to be easy to hunt the Dark and survive. Jake Everett and his small sidekick, Rudy, will be joining them. Until their war with the demon, the witch and the druids is over, they'll be sticking together.

Morgwen returns from her journey through the portal to another realm. She had brought allies that can kill with one touch with her. The Earth has never seen their like before and even Spencer is fearful that the witch's army might not be stoppable. Enemies will have to band together to have a chance of defeating their mutual nemesis.

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