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Maximize Your GI Bill Benefits

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GI Bill benefits are a precious commodity that should not be wasted. After all, if you are like most servicemembers or veterans you only have 36 months to use – 48 months if you are fortunate enough to have two or more GI Bills (which many veterans have).

The more I work with the GI Bills, the more both surprised and frustrated at the amount of mis-information there is on the Internet concerning GI Bill benefits. Because of this, I hear from a number of veterans who have ended up mismanaging and squandering their GI Bill benefits - with nothing to show for their hard-earned benefit.

I also constantly see the same, or variations of the same questions, asked over and over again, so my intent with this guide is three-fold: • Put some of the mis-information to rest. • Provide honest advice as to how best to use your GI Bill benefits. • Provide some ways veterans can use to shorten their time to a degree.

As part of the how-to-use-benefits advice, I have included 9 savvy tactics veterans can use to squeeze every drop of value from their GI Bill benefits. After years of exhaustive research and experience working and using the GI Bill myself, I have finally compiled this comprehensive guide (to include the new Forever GI Bill) that shows you the GI Bill facts and ways you can use to best use your GI Bill(s).

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